The reasons for ED

The reasons for ED

Erectile dysfunction is a specific inability to achieve and maintain an erection for performing a sexual intercourse. Proper erectile function intends strong sexual arousal, sexual affection, appearance of a penile erection, frictions for several minutes and ejaculation. When some of these components are eliminated, it is impossible to conduct a full sexual intercourse. This state is called erectile dysfunction.

What are the causes of erectile problems?

Sexual disorders appear as attendant circumstances of other states. Loss of sexual vigor or impotence is often caused by diabetes, uropathies, brain injuries. This type of erectile dysfunction is called organic. The special features of organic ED are:

  • Slow developing of all symptoms;
  • Absence of night erections (which might be registered by a self-test);
  • Sexual vigor and ejaculation may be normal;
  • Erection is not strong enough or a man has systematic ED disorder.

Erectile disorders have psychogenic nature. Many doctors believe that sexual impotence is associated with neuropsychology and may be caused by constant psychological problems or temporary depressive state. Psychogenic sexual frustration may appear as a consequence from taking medications for cancer treatment or mind-altering drugs. The symptoms of psychogenic sexual disorder are:

  • Sudden development;
  • Interpersonal problems and personal fear and anxiety;
  • Night erections, which prove that the physical state is normal;
  • Erectile dysfunction is spontaneous and sporadic;

In such a case sexual functions may be completely recovered after eliminating of the initial reason.

It is proved that just 10% of ED patients ask for a medical help. A lot of men prefer to hide their erectile disorder and try some self-treatment to stay healthy. Though, in 95% cases sexual impotence is successfully recovered with prescribed medications.

Shy and unconfident men may try one of numerous anonymous hotlines to consult on ED questions and get some necessary information on possible reasons of their sexual problems and proper treatment. And, of course it is very important for a man to ask his partner to overcome the psychological barrier.

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Possible reasons for ED

  • System disorders, including diabetes, hypertension, increasing level of cholesterol and other states damaging blood vessels. According to statistics, almost 50% of diabetes patients experience erectile problems.
  • Disorders affecting nerve system, e.g. Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis.
  • Medication side-effects.
  • Drinking and smoking.
  • Deficiency of testosterone or other hormone misbalance cases.
  • Mechanical damages of the pelvic area, e.g. pelvic surgery or a spinal cord injury.
  • Negative psychological factors: depression, anxiety, stresses, connected with changing of a surrounding or a life-style.

There are also few debated issues, like a possible connection between sports activities and erectile problems. For example, it is believed, that long bicycle riding on a narrow saddle may destruct blood flow in the penile tissue. Though, the link between erectile problems and bicycle riding has not been proved yet. And the issue is still debated.

Men with vasectomy may experience permanent erection problems in some psychological cases or have temporary difficulties associated with pain after the operation. Psychological issues concern situations, when a man isn’t quite confident and comfortable with his decision or there are still some second thoughts on the point of having children.

Medical examinations of ED

Usually a doctor starts reviewing possible reasons for an erection problem from asking questions about general problems with health and sexual potency. After this a complete exam of the penile function, prostate, testicles and other organs is pointed. Laboratory tests start from determine of testosterone level. Deficiency of this hormone reduces sexual vigor and inevitably leads to unpleasant erectile problems.

Next step is examination of other hormones, such as prolactin, thyroid, luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones. A high blood-sugar may also be the reason for erectile problems. This especially concerns the diabetes. After medical examination is conducted, a doctor estimates the results and proposes the individual program of therapy.

Treatment of ED

One of the most popular options is Cialis. This American medication was specially produced to treat physical inability to achieve and maintain erection for a long sexual intercourse. Cialis belongs to pharmacological group of PDE-5 inhibitors. Its active ingredient is Tadalafil, the chemical which promotes relaxing of muscles and improves blood flow in the penile tissues (necessary for a proper erection). The drug works only after sexual arousal, but if it is quite strong, the erection may be maintained for a long time that gives good perform in sexual intercourse. The effect appears in 15-20 minutes and saves for 36 hours more. Cialis is available here, not only in the USA.

Tadalfil is easily absorbed and may be combined with a fat or moderate dose of alcohol. Time of taking does not matter. The recommended dose is 20 mg once a day. Contradictions to Cialis are quite rare. Medication may be taken even by patients with liver disorders and diabetes.

Advantages of Tadalafil:

  • Quick effect and strong erection.
  • Abscence of intolerance. Cialis is proper medication for a long-term taking.
  • Tadalafil normalizes blood circulation, which may have positive effect on a general health state.

Kamagra. This popular Indian medication is served in oral jelly sashes. The active ingredient of Kamagra is Sildenafil, which improves blood flow in a penile tissue and by doing this improves the erection.

The medication relaxes penile muscles and enhances blood circulation by widening pelvic vessels. This promotes longer and harder erection. The effect of Sildenail is durable for 6 hours.

The maximum dose is 100 mg, although Sildenafil may be taken in quite a less quantity. The list of contradictions includes taking of nitrates or nitrogen oxide donator elements. Sildenafil may be individually intolerant, that appears in such side-effects as headache, sickness or stiffness.

Erectile dysfunction: reasons, symptoms and treatment

Erectile dysfunction is a functional disorder, which is performed as the inability of a man to have sex due to insufficient hardness and straightness of the penis.

We must mention, that earlier you can meet the other name of this disease, as impotence. Today it is considered obsolete and formally excluded from General medical registry of diseases. The main difference between these two diseases is that with erectile dysfunction for men is the loose of ability to deal exclusively with sexual intercourse, while impotence means the impossibility of ejaculation.

Erectile dysfunction

The main reasons of such disease

There are a lot of reasons, which lead to the loss of male power, but today doctors haven`t identified the main one. It is believed, that the origin of erectile dysfunction may be organic, psychological and mixed.

Now there are a lot of facts, which prove, that the loss of male health is a result of aging. As practice shows, much more harm for erection brings smoking, alcohol consumption and sedentary lifestyle with a fixed job. In addition, a bad influence on the genitourinary system have such somatic diseases as diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, hormonal disorders and injuries of pelvic organs. All of these reasons and some of the effects can lead to erectile dysfunction, which is considered organic.

A lot of patients suffer from psychological or psychogenic dysfunction. As you might guess from the title, it is connected with the influence on human consciousness and traumatic factors. According to a recent sociological research, the most frequent psychological trauma will lead to disorders of the functions in the sexual apparatus.

The most numerous group of people, which suffer from erectile dysfunction, has the other reasons. As a rule, the effect of summation observed closer to old age, although we can see the direct relationship between year of birth and reproductive system.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction

We can miss that paragraph, because the only one symptom of such a disease is inability to perform sexual intercourse. If you understand, that you have such problems, you should visit doctor immediately.

But, as the professional scientists say, there is no reason to come to a doctor, if you have such problem once or twice. Sometimes it can appear as a result of stress or bad life style. Only if your problem doesn’t disappear, you must call the urologist and make everything to save your men`s health.

The treatment of erectile dysfunction

If you think, that you have such an illness, you must do a list of diagnostic procedures. Only by the results doctor will propose you an adequate treatment of the pathological process that led to erectile dysfunction.

If we talk about the symptomatic treatment, today that will be special drugs. This group is the well-known for every man: Viagra or Levitra, Cialis, and Dynamic. The mechanism of these drugs action will help to increase blood flow to the genitals. The effect from their reception is lightning, but unfortunately, these medicines don`t eliminate the main cause of the disease.

As a rule, the usage of huge potent medications is recommended in the later stages, when other treatments are simply powerless. If the disease is detected early, it is possible to return the man power and confidence. For this purpose, doctor will introduce Eurycoma and Ginseng.

Then, with the time, invasive ways to treat dysfunction of the reproductive system became popular. In addition, they are still used in psychotherapy.

If the treatment will be provided on the highest level, you will have an opportunity to enjoy sexual intercourses with your partner.

Causes and treatment of male infertility

Causes and treatment of male infertilityMany people believe that the reasons for the lack of children in the family are rooted in female infertility. It’s not true. Male infertility is the reason for the lack of children in 40-50% of childless families. Incompatibility pairs or genetic incompatibility is the cause in 15% of cases. Seven percent of men are infertile due to violation of secretion of seminal fluid or sperm creation. People with abnormalities of the deferent ducts are in the 7%.

For description of male infertility, we divide all the process factors and causes. Pathology of sperm in deferent ducts, seminal fluid are some of the factors. Each of them can have its own mechanism of development. Disease, trauma genital organs, hormonal system disorders are causes of infertility. These reasons are responsible for the development factors.

Factors of male infertility

The obturation of the deferent ducts

The sperm formed in the testes. But the final maturation occurs in the tubules of the epididymis. After which the motile sperm are in the ejaculatory ducts and the seminal vesicles and stored there until ejaculation. A blockage in any part of the route leads to the inability to release sperm. The squeezing and bonding of deferent ducts is common types of obstruction.

Some of the symptoms of obstruction are characteristic:

– absence of sperm in the ejaculate but their presence in the testicles;

– absence of ejaculate;

– pain during ejaculation.

Genetic incompatibility

Its mechanism resembles an allergic reaction to foreign cells (sperm). The cells of the immune system attacking the sperm. The suspicion of incompatibility occurs when one or both spouses have children. The diagnosis is made after a complete examination men and women.

Disorders of secretion

The reasons for such violations are varied. Any cause leads to one or several factors, of which the majority of sperm reaches the egg. Resulting in fertilization is impossible or unlikely.

Some factors of infertility are called directly:

– a small number of sperm in the ejaculate;

– pathology of the structure of the sperm;

– immobility or disease in the movement of the sperm;

– high mortality of sperm.

Causes of male infertility

Causes of male infertilityThe causes of obstruction

Inflammatory processes in the epididymis are the most common cause. The swelling and sealing of soft tissues always accompanies the inflammation. Because of this full or partial compression or squashing of VAS deferens can occur. Injury as a result of physical external impact or failure of the operation are less common cause. Also foreign body can block the duct.

Various neoplasms can cause obstruction most often. More rare causes are infectious diseases (tuberculosis, syphilis). Another less common male infertility the cause of pathology development. For example, congenital absence of VAS deferens or testicular appendages.

The causes of the violations of secretion

A lot of them, since sperm production involves a large number of glands of internal secretion. The violation of at least one iron affects the quality of semen immediately.

  1. Chemotherapy. Violation of sperm creation is one of the consequences of dangerous medical procedures. The oncologist needs to arrange this in advance. As infertility is a serious reason for the failure of chemotherapy.
  2. Sexually transmitted diseases. The defeat of the testicles and other glands of the reproductive system is typical for many sexually transmitted diseases. Gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, syphilis treat such diseases.
  1. Varicocele is a violation of the outflow of venous blood. It develops in one testicle initially moves to the second later in the absence of treatment. Nutrition reproductive glands deteriorate with varicocele due to stagnant processes, resulting in the production of sperm decreases.
  2. Diseases of the reproductive system. Neoplasms, genetic diseases, diabetes, inflammatory diseases of testicles and their appendages lead to disruption of the reproduction of sperm. Most of these diseases are treated.
  3. The reception of harmful substances. Alcohol and drugs belong to this group of causes in the first place. Often alcoholics and drug addicts suffer from violation of the reproduction of sperm and lack of erection additionally. The steroids and antibiotic use lead to the same result.

Causes of infertility can be very many. Yet among them are stress, various deficiency diseases, severe physical stress, improper diet. The reproductive system responds to system disturbances in the body first.